Introduction to the Themed Entertainment Industry

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The Wide World of Themed Entertainment and Attractions

IAAPA Expo 2019



Generally, parties in the Themed Entertainment Industry can be broken down into three categories: operators, vendors/suppliers, and consulting/services. Outside of business, there are also associations that bring them together. An easy way to find parties in the Themed Entertainment Industry is to view TEA and IAAPA member directories.


Operators in the attractions industry host guests and consist of Theme Parks, Zoos and Aquariums, Travelling Carnivals, Cruise Ships, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) like Arcades and Adventure Parks, as well as Museums, Themed Hotels, Restaurants and many more.

Vendors / Suppliers

Suppliers design, engineer, and/or produce products that make up attractions. This includes Ride Engineers, Designers and Manufacturers, as well as Design Development, Architecture, Engineering Analysis, Food and Beverage vendors, and more. Many of these organizations also supply to other industries and may not be known for their contributions to the Attractions Industry.

Consulting / Services

Many parties provide consulting and other services to improve aspects of the Attractions Industry such as Operational Training and Excellence, Information Management, Construction, Fabrication, Logistics, and many more.


The two largest associations that unite the Themed Entertainment / Attractions industry are the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). Both the TEA and IAAPA host major networking, educational, trade show, and volunteering events for various aspects of the industry and provide student memberships at reduced rates to jumpstart your involvement.

In addition, there are many more organizations that focus in on more specific aspects of the industry, such as:


The attractions industry is extremely broad and offers almost every type of position. Be sure to check out this job board for opportunities in LA and Orlando, the two major US themed entertainment hubs.