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TEA Pen Pals
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Date(s) Fall 2019 - Current
Contributors Jason Wanamaker, Jake Plocher
Organization led by TEA@ND
Current Status In Progress


In 2018 the Themed Entertainment Association at Notre Dame created the Pen Pals project. This initiative places people from TEA University clubs all around the country into small groups to network and get to know each other. Every school year new groups are created so students get to meet and talk with people that share their interests. Each group is given a monthly prompt to stimulate conversations. Every year there is a Pen Pals competition where each small group works together to tackle a design and park challenge. This project is still growing, and new ideas such as Pen Pals networking nights are being planned for the upcoming academic year.


Here are the objectives we have for this project.

  1. Connect students interested in themed entertainment around the country.
  2. Foster professional and personal friendships between these students
  3. Encourage students to work together and share their talents


Monthly Prompts

Every month each group receives a prompt that is designed to spark conversation. The prompt can be about the group member's themselves or about the themed entertainment industry.

Pen Pals Competition

Every year in December-January we have a competition amongst Pen Pal groups to facilitate conversation and networking as well as enhancing design and communication skills within groups. Check out more about it here.


If you would like to participate in the 2020-2021 Pen Pals cycle feel free to contact Jason Wanamaker (jwanamak@nd.edu), Katelyn Wyatt (kwyatt@nd.edu), or Jake Plocher (jplocher@nd.edu)

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