Theme Park Engineering and Design at Purdue

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Tped logo old.PNG
Abbreviation TPED
Founded 2015
Founder(s) Alysa Baird & Ian Hogan
Type Independent Club
University Purdue University
Location West Lafayette, IN
Membership -
President Chase Davis

Welcome to Theme Park Engineering & Design at Purdue's wiki home page! We are so excited to bring Purdue University into the realm of theme park engineering and design through the help of our successful alumni and on campus resources. We are a student-run organization that was founded in 2015, and we are often referred to as TPED at Purdue. We mix our love for engineering with our creativity to design and imagine the future of the themed entertainment industry.

Who We Are

Theme Park Engineering & Design at Purdue stands on the foundation of passion. Our goal is to provide driven students the opportunity to unlock doors to the niche industry of theme park engineering and design. We hope to educate students on the many aspects of this industry and to reach out to our community to reveal the many disciplines that go into the parks we visit every year. We offer a variety of events and activities that aim to provide education, experience, and new opportunities for our members to reach their goals.

Club Officers

President: Chase Davis
Vice President: Maddie Shelton
Secretary: Griffin Peters
Treasurer: Morgan Spanopoulos


We regulary participate in:

  • Design Competitions
  • Yearly Conferences
  • Off-season tours
  • Park visits
  • Student-led projects
  • Social events

... and so many more! We are constantly expanding our knowledge, testing our limits, and refining our designing skills.

Guest Speakers

Here are some of the many amazing guest speakers we have heard from over the years.

  1. Ken Christie - Walt Disney Imagineering
  2. Steve Gross - Attractions Designer at Universal Creative Japan
  3. Adam Kingsley - Vice President of Attractions at Universal Studios Florida
  4. Brad Okeson - Walt Disney Imagineering

Industry Involvement

Each year we attend expos and conferences, some examples are:

  • IAAPA: This is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo that takes place in Orlando each year. We make industry connections, meet other peers from universities across the globe, and of course... go to the parks!
  • SITE: A three day conference specifically for Themed Entertainment university students. We meet and hear from industry professionals from around the nation; some of whom work for well-known companies like Disney or Universal.

Projects & Trips

TPED Members visit Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.


Stay tuned, this year is currently in progress and we can't wait to update you!


During 2019 we made several trips; some were very far - Kentucky Kingdom, the City Museum in St Louis, and IAAPA - while some were fairly near - Holiday World and Kings Island. Each trip was informative, eye-opening, and so enjoyable.


2018 was full of team bonding and bountiful of adventures. Check out our list of events below for some examples.


In 2017 we took trips to Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Elite Air, Kings Island, and IAAPA. We also saw and investigated a 3D printed model of Invertigo; one of the rides at Kings Island.


During 2016 we visited Indiana Beach, Holiday World, and the Museum of Science and Industry.


In 2015 we participated in Cornell University's Theme Park Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the "Best Attractions" award for our attraction - Velocity. Check out the full POV ride video on our Youtube channel! We were also given a first look at Voyage to the Iron Reef - one of the new attractions arriving at Knott's Berry Farm - and visited Six Flags Great America as well as IAAPA.


Each year we host a multitude of events to grow closer as a group; some past examples include bowling nights, trivia nights, movie nights, design competition nights, our own versions of jeopardy and the price is right, and roller coaster tycoon nights. Each event is filled to the brim with team bonding and fun!

Stay In The Loop

Check out our socials to stay up to date with our whereabouts!

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