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A collaborative and public database for students interested in the Themed Entertainment / Attractions Industry to share their knowledge and expertise in one place.

Getting started


As the interest in attractions and attractions industry careers has grown, there has been an influx of student organizations sprouting up around university campuses related to the themed entertainment / attractions industry. As of February 2020, there have been several attempts to form a centralized database between such organizations, however these systems often are found obsolete, include high or undocumented barriers of entry, or both.

The goal of this wiki as well as this website is to meet and exceed the functionality of a point of communication and create a tool that is sustainable, easily accessible, and flexible to future evolution and development of features. A wiki was chosen for many reasons.

  • Anyone can view. - This is a top priority. As students who have recently started clubs may know, there's not a ton of information out there about how to run a student organization related to themed entertainment / attractions. The hope is that with this wiki, aspiring students can start in one place on how to navigate the terrain of themed entertainment, and learn from other clubs along the way.
  • Many editors is greater than one - No one person or entity is in charge of writing pages and editing this wiki. Everyone who is a student or supports students interested in themed entertainment / attractions is welcome to request an account and start contributing upon verification. Should edit wars occur, users should discuss changes diplomatically on the corresponding wiki talk page.
  • Links upon links upon links - One thing is true: no centralized database can store everything this industry has to offer. Wiki's have excellent infrastructure for linking between internal and external pages, making lists of links not only visually appealing but useful. This means that although resources may be spread far and wide across the internet, this wiki can serve as a centralized location for links to said resources.

Using the wiki

This wiki is free to browse. If you want to contribute, please request an account with the link above. Moderators will review your request as soon as possible!